Live Daily Lectures

  • This is the climax point of this program offering online daily classes to CSS aspirants.

  • This is a virtual class room having all features of a normal class room.
  • You listen live lectures on all subjects and have  live Q & A session
  • 5 days a week online class of 1 hour duration
  • Course duration: 5 months.
  • Live interaction, questioning and discussion with CSS mentor unlocks the treasures of knowledge and wisdom for you.
  • This opportunity makes success in CSS exams a smooth and comfortable experience for you.
  • This online mentoring keeps you on track and solve your all intellectual and CSS-related problems
  • Special attention on essay writing, language and analytical skills.
  • Expertise and experience of 15 years reaches to you.

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How to join?

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S# پروگرام

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One –time Fee  for regd. students One –time Fee  for non-regd. students
1 لائیو آن لائن ڈیلی  لیکچرز Online daily lectures of 30 min duration

(Covering  3 subjects / month)


( 20 lectures/month)


(20  lectures/month)