Live Weekly Sessions

  • Without powerful motivation, guidance and support by an experienced & qualified CSS Guru, success becomes an elusive dream.

  • Our online weekly live sessions fill this gap and you get powerful motivation, advice and problem solving by an experienced CSS Guru (himself a Civil Servant having a vast experience of CSS selection)
  • These sessions enriches your mind, brain and soul and ensure you mental, spiritual and academic growth essential for success in CSS & practical life.
  • Sessions are conducted on weekends for the convenience of all.

How to join?

  1. Just apply now, click here
  2. Get your login id & timing details via confirmation email.


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(آپ اپنی ضرورت مطابق کوئی ایک یا تمام پروگرام لے سکتے ہیں )

One –time Fee  for regd. students One –time Fee  for non-regd. students
1 لائیو آن لائن ویکلی لیکچرز Online live weekly guidance / motivational sessions of 30- 60 minutes each (12 lectures) 500/ session 1000/ session