Online Expert Evaluation of Assignments/Tests

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  • Success in CSS/PMS is all about mastery of writing, analytical, presentation and language skills.
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  • Our panel of experts having life long experience of mentoring CSS aspirants will evaluate your assignments submitted by you online and would return them to you with evaluation and suggestions for improvement until you reach the desired standards ensuring a brilliant success within months.
  • This evaluation will help you master writing, analytical, presentation and language skills.

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S# پروگرام

(اپنی ضرورت کے مطابق سلیکٹ کریں)


(آپ اپنی ضرورت مطابق کوئی ایک یا تمام پروگرام لے سکتے ہیں )

One –time Fee  for regd. students One –time Fee  for non-regd. students
1 اسائنمنٹس کا تجزیہ Evaluation of  assignments (5 assignments per paper or as desired) 300/assignment 500/assignment
2 ٹسٹ  کا تجزیہ Evaluation of  Test (2  Tests  per subject or as desired) 500 / test 1000 / test



  1. Assignment should not be more than of 5 pages length. Tests should not be more than of 10 pages length.
  2. Plain pages of A4 size (single sided ) should be utilized by the students with black ink.
  3. Students should scan/photograph the assignments/tests and submit them online (email or upload to our system)
  4. They will receive the evaluation report with expert advice at their email id within a week of submission.
  5. To take tests, students should get test questions at their email id. They should follow instructions contained in email.