Bahawalpur Citizens’ Peace Forum

بہاولپور شہری امن تحریک
Bahawalpur Citizens’ Peace Forum

A Citizens’ Movement to promote peace & harmony at UC level in all Tehsils of District Bahawalpur.

Vision: Citizens of Bahawalpur collectively working for promotion of peace and rejection of VE in all  UCs of district Bahawalpur through different social actions and campaigns.

1. To access & enable at least 500 civic leaders (prominent citizens at tehsil & district level) & 12000 local residents (active citizens at union councils level) from cross sections of society in all 120 union councils of five Tehsils of Bahawalpur in a year to spearhead the movement for promotion of peace and rejection of extremism at grassroots level.

2. To trickle down, replicate and sustain the momentum of peace movement with help of civic leaders & active citizens at town & village level to capitalize the inner urge and motivation of common citizens for peace & stability.

3. To reach out the public with clear & convincing peace messages  with help of different mediums like electronic, print and social media. Awareness & knowledge of the cross sections of public on safe charity, safe renting, curbing hate speech, and counter terrorism will also be built & enhanced.